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Silicone Rubber

  • Silicone Rubber Scrap

    Silicone Rubber Scrap

    Silicone Rubber Scrap Silicone rubber is an elastomer (rubber-like material) composed of silicone—itself a polymer—containing silicon together with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Silicone rubbers are widely used in industry, and there are multiple formulations. Silicone...Read More

  • Waste Silicone Rubber

    Waste Silicone Rubber

    Waste Silicone rubber Silicone rubber offers good resistance to extreme temperatures, being able to operate normally from −100 to 300 °C (−148 to 572 °F). Some properties such as elongation, creep, cyclic flexing, tear strength, compression set, dielectric strength (at high...Read More

  • Recycled Silicone Rubber

    Recycled Silicone Rubber

    Recycled silicone rubber We recycle most types of silicone / siloxane-bearing by-products including cured rubber, uncured rubber, solids, liquids, silicone oils and gels, foams in most any form including sprues, transfer pads, spent molds, finished obsolete / rejected goods...Read More

  • Recycled Nipple

    Recycled Nipple

    Recycled nipple The nipple is a tool used to help suck milk on a nursing bottle, which is mostly used for infants. At present the general raw material is LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber). Relatively speak to solid silicone rubber, liquid silicone is the liquid glue, with good...Read More

  • Recycled Keypad

    Recycled Keypad

    Recycled keypad Keypads are made from silica gel. Silicone keypads are often used in electronic calculators, remote controls, telephone sets, wireless phones, electronic toys, computer keyboards, learning machine keys, cryptography keys and digital products in the keystroke....Read More

  • Recycled Silicone Rubber Seal Strip

    Recycled Silicone Rubber Seal Strip

    Recycled Silicone rubber seal strip The sealing strip is a product that seals a thing and makes it difficult to open. It plays the role of shock absorption, waterproof, sound insulation, heat insulation, dust proof and fixing. It is applied to cars, doors and windows,...Read More

  • Recycled Coasters

    Recycled Coasters

    Recycled coasters Coasters are generally used in restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and other public food places, it can be used as advertising accessories to enhance the image. It's strong friction can prevent a glass or a porcelain cup slide, also can protect the desktop...Read More

  • Recycled Silicone Gloves

    Recycled Silicone Gloves

    Recycled silicone gloves Silicone glove, also called the silicone insulation gloves, silicone oven gloves, silicone anti scald gloves. It is harmless to the human body, high or low temperature resistance, and can be steamed and boiled. It is green for environmental...Read More

  • Recycled Silicone Rubber Pipe

    Recycled Silicone Rubber Pipe

    Recycled silicone rubber pipe Silicone rubber pipe is the carrier of liquid, gas and other materials. Silicone rubber pipe can be divided into "extrusion pipe" and "special-shaped pipe strip" in industry. It is widely used in modern industry, national...Read More

  • Recycled Silicone Mold

    Recycled Silicone Mold

    Recycled silicone mold Silicone mold is one of the ways to make a model (prototype). It has the advantages of fast time, less cost and less probability of failure. Silicone mold is mainly used in toy gift industry, craft gift industry, furniture decoration decoration...Read More

  • Recycled Silicone Sealant

    Recycled Silicone Sealant

    Recycled silicone sealant It is a kind of material with high separating material as matrix, which is deformed with the shape of sealing surface. It is not easy to flow and has certain adhesive property. It can prevent external impurity from invading and internal material...Read More

  • Recycled Silicone Cases

    Recycled Silicone Cases

    Recycled silicone cases Silicone cases are typically made of rubber. It is soft, elastic and often used to protect electronic digital products from accidental dropping or wear. Silicone cases are made of high-temperature vulcanized rubber. The silicone case material is a kind...Read More

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