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Recycled Silicone Oil

Recycled Silicone Oil

Recycled silicone oil We recycle silicone oil, then pyrolysis it and make it became DMC, and then make it to be silicone oil. This silicone oil can only be used on low-end products. Damping silicone oil has excellent damping, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, low temperature resistance, can...

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Recycled silicone oil

We recycle silicone oil, then pyrolysis it and make it became DMC, and then make it to be silicone oil. This silicone oil can only be used on low-end products.

Damping silicone oil has excellent damping, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, low temperature resistance, can be -50 to 220 DEG C temperature range for long-term use; strong anti shearing and general mineral oil 20 times high compressibility, is the ideal liquid spring; low viscosity temperature coefficient, low vapor pressure, low the surface tension, good hydrophobicity and lubricity; good electrical characteristics, resistance to high breakdown voltage, arc resistance, corona resistance, small dielectric loss; also has the advantages of good transparency and no toxic effects on the human body.

The damping silicone oil is widely used in electrical, electrical and electronic instruments as insulation medium for temperature resistance, electric arc resistance, corona resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture proof and dustproof. At present, it is also used as transformer and capacitor oil to reduce the volume of the transformer, increase the power, improve the safety and pollution-free.

Damping silicone oil is used as shock proof and damping oil. It is widely used in instruments, buffer dampers, shock absorbers, torsional vibration dampers in automotive internal combustion engines, circuit breakers for overload relays, buffer liquids in circuit interrupter, shock absorbers for automotive and aircraft ampere meters, speedometer, etc.

The damping silicone oil is used as a demoulding agent. It is widely used in plastic forming, rubber processing, metal casting, paper making, glass products, fiber, food and so on. It has the advantages of strong mold release, high surface accuracy and less consumption. It is safe, clean, tasteless, non-toxic and so on.

Damping silicone oil as a defoaming agent. It is the most widely used defoaming agent, which has strong defoaming force, high temperature resistance and non volatilization. Chemical stability is high, non-toxic, safe and widely used in oil, chemical, printing and dyeing, coating, pharmaceutical, leather, fermentation, food and so on.

The damping silicone oil is used as a lubricant. It is suitable for lubrication of rubber, plastic bearings, gear and mechanical and precision instruments under high and low temperature conditions.

The damping silicone oil is used as the surface treatment agent. With about 10% of the product solution or emulsion coated on the surface of glass, ceramic and metal, and then heat treated at 150~300 degrees, a semi permanent waterproof, mould proof and insulating film can be formed. It can also be used for waterproof treatment of paper, leather, building materials and fabrics.

The damping silicone oil is used as an additive. Join in the paint, rubber, wax and resin and other materials in a small amount of this product can significantly improve the performance of waterproof, brightness, oxidation resistance and improve the processing of these materials, such as adding a small amount of the product in the paint, the paint is not floating color, do not wrinkle, improve film brightness.

Application of damping silicone oil in health: the use of this product can be used as defoaming agent in treatment of pulmonary edema, ballooning and artificial heart lung machine defoaming agent. The ointment and protective agent made with this agent can improve the penetration of the drug on the skin, and have a good effect on scald, dermatitis and bedsore.

Other uses of damping silicone oil: This product can also be used for high temperature bath and heat carrier, precision instrument and heat exchange system, it is used for dry copier to prevent printing agent and make all kinds of polishes. This product is processed with spinning head, can eliminate static electricity, improve the quality of cocoons in cosmetics, this product can improve skin care and moisturizing effect etc..

Packaging and storage

The damping silicone oil should be stored in a clean, sealed, unleaded or tin alloy container to avoid contact with acid, alkali and other impurities. Do not touch the open fire.

Storage and transportation of damped silicone oil according to non dangerous goods. the storage period of the damping silicone oil is three years in the case of packing and storage,and the product that exceeds the storage period can be retested, and it can still be used after being qualified.

Recycled Emulsifying Silicon Oil

Emulsifying silicon oil, also known as silk slipping. Chemically stable, non-volatile, non flammable, non corrosive to metal, for a long time in the air is not easy to gel. Emulsifying silicon oil is white viscous liquid, the viscosity of about (100~350) * 10-6m2/s, the relative density of 0.98 to 1.02, almost odorless, insoluble in water (water dispersible), ethanol, methanol, soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons, aliphatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons (such as benzene, carbon tetrachloride, etc.).In addition, the emulsifying silicon oil has excellent chemical stability, heat resistance, weather resistance, lubricity, hydrophobicity and low surface tension, non-toxic and harmless to the human body, so it is widely used in personal care, food production, fermentation industry etc.

Recycled Silicon Oil Paper

Silicone oil paper is a kind of commonly used wrapping paper with three layers, the first layer is bottom paper, the second layer is coated paper, the third layer is silicone oil.Because silicone oil paper has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, moisture resistance and oil resistance, it is generally used in food industry packaging.

The classification of silicon oil paper is more and more, according to the color, the silicone paper can be divided into single silicon white silicone oil paper and single silicon yellow silicon oil paper.According to the gram weight, the silicone oil paper can be divided into 35g silicon oil paper, 65g silicon oil paper, 80g silicon oil paper, 90g silicon oil paper, etc.The silicone oil paper can be divided into double silicon single silicon oil paper, double silicon silicon oil paper, single silicon silicone oil paper, etc.According to the origin, the silicon oil paper can be divided into domestic silicon oil paper and imported silicon oil paper.

Recycled Silicone oil cream

Silicone oil cream is a kind of external use ointment for the prevention and treatment of skin wrinkles of hand and foot and dermatitis caused by acidic substances. The main component of two methyl silicone oil, accessories for peregal, liquid paraffin, glycerin, stearic acid, hydroxy styrene, alcohol eighteen, Twain 80, fragrance, purified water. It can be used to the prevention and treatment of skin creases in hands and feet, dermatitis caused by acidic substances. Silicone oil cream can be used as a hand cream, mild and no irritation. It can also be used as a dilution matrix for other external use drugs. Methyl silicone oil is a strong hydrophobic material. It can lubricate and protect skin. It spreads on the skin surface to form a protective layer to moisturize the skin and does not affect skin respiration.

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