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Silicone Oil

  • Silicone Oil Scrap

    Silicone Oil Scrap

    Silicone oil scrap Silicone oils are primarily used as lubricants, thermic fluid oils or hydraulic fluids. They are excellent electrical insulators and, unlike their carbon analogues, are non-flammable. Their temperature stability and good heat-transfer characteristics make...Read More

  • Waste Silicone Oil

    Waste Silicone Oil

    Waste silicone oil A silicone oil is any liquid polymerized siloxane with organic side chains. The most important member is polydimethylsiloxane. These polymers are of commercial interest because of their relatively high thermal stability and their lubricating properties. The...Read More

  • Recycled Silicone Oil

    Recycled Silicone Oil

    Recycled silicone oil We recycle silicone oil, then pyrolysis it and make it became DMC, and then make it to be silicone oil. This silicone oil can only be used on low-end products. Damping silicone oil has excellent damping, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, low...Read More

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