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Silica Gel Desiccant Function
- Feb 26, 2018 -

The silica gel dryer is used as an air purifier to remove moisture from the air to control air humidity. It can also be used as the dehumidification between two layers of parallel sealing glass, which can keep the transparency of glasses. In the sea also has a wide range of applications; coarse-hole silica gel desiccant is commonly used as a dehydrating agent and desiccant, Catalyst Carrier, but also to remove the transformer insulation oil in the organic acid and water.

In addition, because of its large aperture, or silica gel deep-processing raw materials, and the Blue Silica gel desiccant is used as a indicator, with its instructions desiccant suction water saturation, for drying moisture absorption, the cobalt-free color silica gel desiccant as a substitute for blue silica gel.