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Methods Of High Temperature Resistance Adhesive
- Feb 26, 2018 -

1, the need to seal the surface should be clean, dry, no grease, conditions can be used acetone or gasoline to remove oil.
2, with a scraper or other applicable tools to the liquid seal evenly coated in the oil need to seal the combination surface, immediately combined fastening. The coating amount to the combination of liquid seal after a slight squeeze a rubber ring suitable, with cloth to wipe out the liquid seal. If the coating on the screws on the sealing function, you can use the brush coating, the general gelatinize amount of 3-4 buckle is advisable.
3, it is difficult to dry at room temperature, but can be coated at room temperature, when the components work through high temperature curing. The pressure test can be carried out after 23±2℃x24h.
4, demolition, in the removal of bolts, with a cork hammer hit the joint surface of the workpiece, so that the vibration can be very easily removed, combined with the solidified surface of the liquid seal can be used copper scraper or other appropriate hardness tools such as copper brush scraping it clean.