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Recycled Silicone Rubber Seal Strip
- Mar 06, 2018 -

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Recycled Silicone rubber seal strip
The sealing strip is a product that seals a thing and makes it difficult to open. It plays the role of shock absorption, waterproof, sound insulation, heat insulation, dust proof and fixing. It is applied to cars, doors and windows, cabinet, container and so on.
The sealing strip can be divided into the automobile sealing strip, the mechanical sealing strip, the door and window sealing strip and some other categories.

Silicone has good sealing performance, anti-aging, anti-shock, anti-shock and waterproof, can fit all kinds of smooth surface materials. It can resist high temperature adhesive for a long time without falling off. It has the characteristics of environmental protection and safety, good insulation, small compression deformation and strong resilience. The foam is uniform, the density can be 0.25-0.85g/cm3, the shore hardness is 8-30A. Silicone has good flexibility, no bubbles and no pores on the surface. It has high strength, long service life, resistance to acid and alkali, anti-ultraviolet radiation and is not affected by ozone. The physical properties of silicone for a long time in ultraviolet and other climatic conditions have only a slight change in physical properties.

The silicone sealing strip is used for the liquid or gas seal of various large chemical and daily necessities, so that the contact between the carrier and the outside can be completely isolated, and the articles are effectively preserved.
Transportation: application in shipbuilding industry: Marine silicone shockproof parts; Hydraulic system silicone seals, oil seals, brake caps on automobiles; Leather bowls; Rubber pipes; Foam silicone sealing rings; Shaft seals for exhaust systems; Spark plugs; Ignition lines; Piston rings; Rotor engine dynamic "O" rings.

Radio or motor: high - voltage cap in TV and oscilloscope; silica gel sealing ring and silicone insulating sleeve of AOTEMK potentiometer; shell of SCR tube; sealing ring for contact gas; insulating sleeve; switch protective cover, electronic computer, telephone surface conductive rubber sheet, keyboard switch, pressure - sensitive resistor, etc; silicon rubber sealing electric seal head; insulation of motor stator coil.

Application of instrument and instrument industry: various silicone rubber lead wires (for use in electrical connectors, coils, transformers, transformers, lead wires), refrigerator defrosting lines; heating wires; diaphragms for sensitive elements in various regulators; heating plates for instruments; needle stick (high - sizing silicone rubber); instrument shock absorbers; indicator light silica gel foaming color lamp sets; drying boxes; electric furnaces; far infrared heater door seals; moldings; sponge door seals (replacing toxic asbestos door seals); sealing of boilers; sealing of cooling devices and silica gel hoses.
Medical service: all kinds of ducts, drainage tubes. Silicone rubber bionic products and so on.