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Recycled Silicone Prosthesis
- Mar 06, 2018 -

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Recycled silicone prosthesis
Silicone prosthesis'wall is elastomer silicone rubber, and the content of the capsule is silicone gel, which has been used for many different uses in daily life and medicine for more than 50 years.
Silicone rubber and silicone gel are one of the most studied materials in the medical field. It has been widely used in medicine, pharmacy and food industry and many medical instruments, such as pacemaker, heart valve, suture material, lubricant, hypodermic needle, syringe and skin layer of blood bag. It also contains silicone gel component in some foods, skin care cosmetics and baby care products.

The silicone prosthesis has a soft hand, consistent with the softness of the natural breast tissue, and has a realistic feeling of hand.
Liquid filling in the prosthesis was not before, but the silicone prosthesis, colloidal pure and transparent. Incision of silicone prosthesis with a knife, like cut up the cake, content does not flow, so the concerns of implant rupture, taking into account flow in the body can be dispelled.
The appearance of the prosthesis is changed from the smooth surface to the rough surface, that is, the frosted surface, because the incidence of the original surface prosthesis after implantation into the human body is higher, and the incidence of sclerosis is changed from a few percent to a few tens of thousands.

The silicone breast prosthesis is so tough that visitors knead it with their hands, stretch it, and let it go. There was a test car pressing over the breast prosthesis, and the prosthesis was still intact.
The bionic design and specifications are complete. The silicone breast prosthesis is circular and also has a water drop design, ranging in size from 100 milliliters to 800 milliliters. At the same time, silica gel prosthesis has good biocompatibility and high safety.