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Recycled Silicone Gloves
- Mar 06, 2018 -

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Recycled silicone gloves
Silicone glove, also called the silicone insulation gloves, silicone oven gloves, silicone anti scald gloves. It is harmless to the human body, high or low temperature resistance, and can be steamed and boiled. It is green for environmental protection.

The material of silicone gloves is environment-friendly silicone. It is different from the normal gloves'hand warming and labor protection function. The main function of silicone gloves is  heat insulation and prevent from scalding. It is suitable for family kitchens and cake baking industry. The manufacturing process is high temperature vulcanization of oil press.

It is different from ordinary gloves and can be used as household, industrial, medical, cosmetic and other industries. It is necessary for hand protective equipment. It has a special surface treatment and wears comfortable. It has wide application in industrial and agricultural production, medical treatment and daily life.