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Recycled Silicone Earplug
- Mar 06, 2018 -

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Recycled silicone earplug
Silicone earplug is a kind of protective silica gel which is noise proof and waterproof. By using the sealing characteristic of silica gel material, the structure of ear is designed to protect the eardrum from noise damage effectively. And noise reduction to people's work and behavior interference.

Silicone earplugs are softened and put into ear canal with warm water before use. The use of 5 times repeated use of high hardness will cause ear canal pain can not be continuous effective mute and low cost use. The silicone structure earplug is not air - permeable and has no pore - like shape, but the hardness after the rubber - like rebound of the earplug is large compared with that of the different type of ear canal of the adult, so that the leakage of the pinhole or the leakage of the fine small hole can be caused, and the noise reduction effect can be reduced by about 30 decibels when the air leakage sound insulation effect occurs. The inner wall of the ear canal is bent and soft, the obstruction can appear the ear canal red swelling and the ear plug leak the air even in the sleep pain side sleep pressure feeling, can not achieve the long-term comfort and the quiet effect effectively, and the ear bend wall does not accord with that causes the ear pain red swelling. It is not possible to plug into long-term use.

Silicone earplugs will need to rub strips in the use of earplugs, rub the finer the more easy to wear and then pull on ear horn, 2/3 ear into the ear canal. Then press the ear for about 20 seconds, until the earplug swelling and blocked the ear canal. Take out the earplug after use, the ear gently rotating plug pull out.

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