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Recycled Coasters
- Mar 06, 2018 -

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Recycled coasters
Coasters are generally used in restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and other public food places, it can be used as advertising accessories to enhance the image. It's strong friction can prevent a glass or a porcelain cup slide, also can protect the desktop from ironing.
The silica gel for coasters is environment - friendly, non - toxic and special - transparent silica gel, and the double - component high - strength, high - transparency, high - tearing property, soft hand feeling, strong adhesive force and small shrinkage rate are novel printing plants. Coasters can not be dropped or collided.

Silicone coaster is a kind of product made of silicone material, which belongs to the category of silicone cushion. It has the properties of silicone, such as certain tension, flexibility, excellent insulation, pressure resistance and high temperature and low temperature resistance. It is chemical stability, environmental protection and safety, no odour, food grade silicone pad with non-toxic tasteless, insoluble in water and any solvent, which is a highly active green product.
Silicone coaster is made by vulcanization process, and it is made of imported food grade silica gel from Japan. Compared with other similar materials products are more safe and environmental protection. The products are flexible, not easy to change shape, very firm. It is Easy to carry, easy to clean and always bright.